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Acuvis is the leading carbon platform empowering the construction sector to decarbonise supply chains and meet sustainability targets

Commitment to Sustainability

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Pioneering Green Energy Solutions

Manage and Measure Actual Material Carbon Emissions

40% of global carbon emissions come from construction and more than 80% of a building project's emissions stem from its materials. The challenge is measuring these emissions accurately in complex and fragmented supply chains.

At present few construction product suppliers find it easy to provide consistent transaction-level data on the full carbon emissions of their products, and so contractors are heavily reliant on using generic carbon calculators for reporting supply chain emissions, eroding stakeholder confidence.

Acuvis is different, it provides contractors, for the first time, an accurate, consistent and automated tool that reflects the actual materials and products used, not just what was planned.

Reducing supply chain emissions will be a major factor in ensuring a sustainable future and the regulation landscape is evolving rapidly. With Acuvis data driven insights we are compliance ready, de-risking your business from the outset.

What we Offer

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Analysing Supply Chains

Automated analysis of supply chains pinpointing materials with precision

Material Carbon Chain

Unique Carbon Chain with more than 10k global products carbon data

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De-risk supply chains and optimise decarbonisation

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Customized Energy Assessments Tailored to Your Needs.

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Customized Energy Assessments

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Seamless Integration of Green Technologies

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Set track and manage emissions in real-time

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Be ready for EU CSRD and ISSB, de-risk your business now

Recommendations Engine

Gain supply chain insights in minutes and optimise material costs vs carbon emissions

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News and Updates

How AI and Machine Learning Can Help Decarbonise Supply Chains

Accurate carbon management is paramount to reducing supply chain emissions. However, numerous challenges impede the reliability of emissions data, hindering progress towards emission reduction goals. One significant challenge lies in the measurement of supply chain emissions, which constitute a substantial portion of total emissions but are often underestimated or omitted in reporting.

Additionally, the quality of available emissions data is frequently compromised by reliance on inaccurate methods such as spend-based data. Moreover, the reliance on estimates rather than real data further exacerbates the issue, leading to unreliable and misrepresented reporting.

By leveraging AI and machine learning, it becomes possible to enhance the accuracy and reliability of emissions data. AI can facilitate the comprehensive measurement of emissions by analysing vast datasets and identifying previously overlooked sources of emissions.

Furthermore, AI-driven models can improve the quality of emissions data by distinguishing between accurate primary data and unreliable estimates.

AI-powered solutions offer deeper insights into unstructured data, enabling companies to set more realistic emission reduction targets and develop effective strategies for mitigating carbon emissions.